8 Essentials for Your Weekender Bag

You’ve gotten through yet another hectic work week.

The bills have been paid, and the kids have a sitter for the weekend – it’s your time to shine. If you’re planning a weekend getaway, there are plenty of ways to get yourself ready. We’ve got all the essential tips for you to pack the perfect weekender bag right here! Whether you’re going by boat, plane, car or train, the key to your weekend trip is to bring only just what you need to get by.

Keep reading for all the hot tips to make your trip amazing:

1. Get the right bag

packing cube

Finding the right weekender bag involves choosing one that’s the perfect Goldilocks size: not too big and not too small. A small or medium duffel bag will give you plenty of space you’ll need for a weekend away – after all, you’re not going on a six-month backpacking trip. To save even more on space, you can use the bag-within-a-bag strategy.

Packing cubes go within your main luggage bag and compress whatever clothing you plan on bringing. Plus, you can use the cubes to separate each day by the outfit. One cube per outfit will help you feel prepared and ready for anything your trip throws your way.

2. Pack versatile shoes

walking shoes

This isn’t the time to bring out all of your platform heels and hope for the best. Choose comfortable shoes that will carry you through any event and occasion like travel flats.

Not only will a great pair of flats keep you comfortable as you explore a new city with your partner or best friend they’re also cute and stylish so you don’t have to bring a second pair of shoes to wear for a night out.

3. Choose minimal skincare

travel skincare

As much as we love Sephora, a weekend trip means you don’t need to bring your entire vanity with you to your hotel or Airbnb. Pick makeup products that are minimal and serve a dual purpose – like a blush and lip combo, for example. And don’t forget to bring some makeup wipes so you don’t have to spend your nights scrubbing away your makeup – simply swipe the day’s dirt and grit away with a single sheet.

Bonus tip: you can use makeup wipes to freshen up as well if it’s a little warm outside.

4. Bring outfits that can transition from day to night

dusk photos

Regardless of what you’re doing during the day or the night, jeans and a nice top is an outfit choice you simply can’t go wrong with. Choose dark wash jeans for a dressier look, a light-colored blouse, and a simple, loose cardigan. A maxi dress is also a great option if you’re looking for something casual to wear during the day that can be dressed up to go out to dinner at night.

If you don’t feel like doing your hair, bring a headband or hat so you don’t even have to think twice about what to do with your tresses.

5. Instant camera


So, this product obviously involves an investment, but we swear it’s worth it. Sure, Instagram is amazing and we all love scrolling through different travel destinations and dreaming of far-off lands. When it’s time for you to finally travel, it’s fun to post about where you are and what you’re doing on social media.

But the drawback is that you won’t have any physical pictures to take with you that show your travels. Avoid that conundrum by investing in an instant-film camera so you can save real, film-based memories and post them up in your living room or on your fridge when you return home.

6. Bring a spritzing refresher for long days and nights

rose water

As you’re exploring a new city or just being a tourist in your own town, you can feel a little run down and tired after running around trying to do as much as possible. If you catch yourself in the mirror looking a little haggard, this is a good time to spritz yourself with a hydrating rosewater spray. You’ll be surprised at how much this amazing spray can do:

  • Combats dry skin
  • Fights uneven skin tone
  • Reduces the look of pores

7. Don’t forget something warm

warm socks

There’s nothing that ruins a mini-vacation like being too cold to enjoy being outdoors. We’ve all been in a situation where plans were ruined by the weather –don’t let that happen to your precious weekend!

If there’s even a chance the weather won’t cooperate, make sure to bring something lightweight, but durable. There are plenty of down jackets and puff vests that can be folded or scrunched into a very transportable size. Better yet, portable hand-warmers and thick socks are easy enough to pack and will help you brave even the coldest of nights.

8. Snacks are your friend

travel snack

Depending on where you’re headed and how you’re getting there, hearty snacks aren’t just a luxury, they’re a necessity. Whether you’re waiting in an airport or halfway through a long drive, it’s always nice to have a little energy boost. Remember, hunger doesn’t work on your schedule! It will strike at any time and can delay or derail plans if you let it get out of hand.

The best snacks to have are the ones that will provide long-term energy. The longer you can last off a few bites, the better. Energy bars may be a little cliché, but that’s only because they work. Everyone has their favorites, so don’t be afraid to take suggestions from friends if you don’t know what works best. Even if you don’t find yourself needing them for this trip, it’s useful to have them handy for any emergency situation. 

Make your weekend trip incredible

Use the tips above to ensure that your weekend trip is one to remember! Life’s an adventure, so get out there, no matter where ‘there’ is. The more you travel, the easier it’ll be to keep going!

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